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Snowmobile Trails

The Funäsfjällen Region has 610 kilometers of snowmobile trails, of which 150 kilometers transport you above tree-line in Sweden’s most beautiful mountain region.  The trails are five meters wide and are groomed continuously throughout the season in order to improve the riding experience. There are 7 free parking areas for easy transport of machines and users. The trails are marked so that snowmobilers can easily navigate within the entire region. When you buy your pass for Funäsfjällen you also get to ride in Storsjö-Ljungdalen.

Here you can see the state of the trails today.

Trailfee 2018/2019

1 Day 270kr
2 Days 520kr
3 Days 640kr
4 Days 720kr
5 Days 780kr
6 Days 830kr
7 Days 870kr
 Season Pass 1 990kr

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Trail Stewards (Ledvärd) are here for you

The Trail Stewards are oftentimes out on patrol on the trails and can provide information about the region, tips for service of machines, and adventure recommendations Their jackets are red with high visibly yellow and have ‘LEDVÄRD’ written on them.  If you need help with towing a stuck or broken machine, the Trail Stewards will assist for a fee.

Technical Navigation

It is easy to stay updated about grooming within the trail system. Download the app: ‘crossgis track 4’ and receive assistance from the GPS function to see where you are and when and when the trails are groomed. You can also go to to find this information

All Snowmobilers share responsibility for the environment

You will be riding in a regulated area, which means that the only area you are allowed to ride in and on is the snowmobile trail and designated free-ride areas. Riding on the trails minimizes damage to private property, wildlife, and habitat.


More and more people desire experiences in the mountains through different activities. All user groups in the mountains share in common the desire to experience the environment free from trash and litter. Always take your trash home with you and pack snowmobiles properly and thoroughly so as to not lose items and litter. Leave the rest stations in pristine condition to benefit everyone.

In Sweden, everyone has the privilege of ‘Allemansrätten:’ right of public access. This law allows you to travel on private property, as long as you do not disturb or destroy. For example, you may not damage forest plantations lingering under the snow or travel through certain protected areas. Currently, this set of laws does not apply to motorized winter recreation and it should be interpreted that motorized recreation is not protected under the right of public access: stay on trails and within designated areas.

Funsfjällens snowmobile trails are an important part of balanced mountain use. The trails are intentionally planned and placed in order to minimize impacts on flora, fauna, reindeer herding, and other user groups in the area. Some of the effects of trail planning include preservation of delicate areas, designation of large quite areas, and rules permitting snowmobile use only on trails and not beside them. The trail system exists thanks to private property owners who allow snowmobiling on their property as long as it is not misused or damaged.

Easy Navigation

Every intersection on the trail system is numbered in order to identify where you are on the snowmobile map. The trails are all marked with the following symbols and the ‘trail cross.’

Designated snowmobile trails are indicated by this symbol. It means that riding is allowed only on the trail.

Riding is not permitted on some trails, and are marked with this sign.

When crossing roads, snowmobiles have to follow the same traffic laws as cars. Come to a complete stop before crossing.  Passengers are also required to dismount the snowmobile when crossing roads.

Red ‘X’s’ on roads mark winter routes. This sign shows that non-motorized users, such as skiers and pedestrians, share the route with snowmobiles. Adjust your riding style when you encounter this sign in order to make riding safe for yourself and non-motorized users.

Code of Conduct on Snowmobile Trails

Funäsfjällen snowmobile trails are an important part of balanced use of the mountain environment. The trail system is carefully planned and managed to prevent disturbances to flora, fauna, reindeer herding, and other user groups. The areas with the most vulnerable habitat för plant and wildlife are protected and large areas are designated as quite zones with minimal noise pollution. Snowmobile riding is allowed only on marked trails and not beside them. The entire trail system exists thanks to generous property owners who permit riding.

Trail Pass

The Trail Pass is required for all users of the snowmobile trails. The Trail Pass can be purchased at service stations within the Funäsfjällen and Storsjö-Ljungdalen regions. The Trail Pass can also be purchased at There is also an app that can be used to purchase your Trail Pass. The free app can be found at

Speed Limit

Follow the speed limit. (här bör ni skriva vad hastigheterna är) . Certain areas have a reduced speed limit in order to reduce noise pollution around neighborhoods, road crossings, and ski trails. The speed limits exist for your safety and the safety of others. Wildlife are often on trails and may be a hazard to snowmobilers. Your speed may also be affected by the weather and trail conditions, so make the appropriate adjustments to your riding.

Newly Groomed Trails

Snowmobile Trails are groomed in the evenings and at night. In order to improve the quality, comfort, and sustainability of the trails, it is recommended that users stay off of them at night and ride during daylight hours.

Legal Riding

All users of motorized vehicles are required to follow Swedish law in traffic and terrain. This may mean that your license or vehicle is restricted to certain types of use. Information can be found at If you are unsure about the eligibility of your license, you may hire a guide for your snowmobiling adventure. In this case, a snowmobile license is not required.

Individuals with a B license completed before the year 2000 may drive snowmobiles without a snowmobile license. All other individuals are required to take a safety course at a minimum of 10 hours in length with an authorized educator.

All driving outside of the designated trails and designated free-ride areas is forbidden.

Free-riding is designated to specific areas marked on the snowmobile map. Modifications to snowmobiles that create high levels of noise are not permitted. All snowmobiles must be registered and insured.

Personal Safety

It is recommended to take a towline, drive belt/drive-clutch belt, matches, shovel, appropriate tools, and a bivy sack. Always take a charged mobile phone but do not expect it to work in all areas of the region. Drive sober according to Swedish law. Snowmobiling is regulated by the same drinking and traffic laws for motor vehicles. Drive on the right side of the tails and consider that it is always possible to meet other riders in hidden features such as turns or at the top of hills. Do not ride alone. Let someone know where you are going, when you expect to return, and what they should do if you do not return. It is required to use a CE rated helmet while operating a snowmobile.

Rent your snowmobile

There are plenty of snowmobile rental outlets in Funäsfjällen. Explore 610 kilometres of groomed trails by yourself or try a guided snowmobile safari. A safari is a fun, educational and safe way to experience the mountains and the trip.

Rent your snowmobile

Certification of snowmobiles

To help our guests, a certification procedure for snowmobile rental outlets has been created. We recommend the rental outlets that have passed certification.

We continue our work of satisfying the requests of skiers and residents in the valley for less noise and disturbance. Those who drive off the trails without permission, break the municipality’s regulations and may have their snowmobile licence revoked. Exhaust pipes to soup up the engine or other accessories that produce loud noise and thus disturb the environment are not permitted in the area.

Funäsdalen Skoterled AB is an important part of balanced use of the mountains. Eight million SEK have been invested in creating the best snowmobile region in Europe. The trail network is planned and laid out so that any disturbances to flora and fauna, reindeer grazing and other skiing guests in the area are reduced as much as possible. Areas with sensitive nature and wildlife are protected. Large noisefree areas have been created. All travel by snowmobile beside the trail network is regulated.In Funäsfjällen you’ll find 610 kilometres of snowmobile trails, of which 150 kilometres cross high mountain areas in one of Sweden’s most scenic mountain regions. The five-metre wide snowmobile trails are continuously groomed by piste bashers and a custom-made tractor with belts to maintain top class.