Photo: Janne Eriksson

Muskox Centre

In the unique muskox corral outside Tännäs in western Härjedalen, muskoxen can be observed in their natural habitat. Here they have plenty of space and lots of what they naturally eat. From the high platform in the show-corral, you have the chance to observe these fascinating prehistoric animals.

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The aim of the corral

To preserve the breed of wild muskoxen in western Härjedalen.
To help zoos get new blood/genes.
To create a nice attraction.
To pursue breeding and research.

A few myths

Through the binoculars or the telephoto lens, the muskoxen look impressively big and mighty. This impression becomes even stronger when you see them run. From close up, the height at withers of around 1.5 meters is not quite as impressive. But the forcefulness never fails to awe.

Despite its name, the muskox doe not produce any musk scent. It simply does not have any such glands. It does, however, have scent glands located in front of/below the eyes. These glands swell up heavily when the animals are in heat and emit a secretion with a strong smell, but not of musk.

As long as you stay below the muskoxen there is never any danger. They cannot run down. This was something you often heard when the animals were still relatively new “immigrants” and people didn’t know much about them. But muskoxen can run surprisingly fast both uphill and downhill . So do not challenge them.