Photo: Jocke Lagercrantz


If you like you can try heli-skiing by helicopter up one of the many high peaks in the region. As Funäsfjällen are located at such a high altitude with few resident people, there are great opportunities for finding virgin slopes – all day long. Taking a guided off-piste tour will let you ski in places you’d never find on your own, or hike off on your own and discover your own favourite spots.

It’s easy to ski off-piste in Funäsfjällen. Easier, actually, than in most other ski resorts in Sweden. This is partly due to that so much more snow falls here than in other ski resorts, but also because we allowed for off-piste at an early stage when developing new ski areas. That’s why there are handmade trenches with jumps and cliffs in steep terrain among the new downhill runs on Funäsdalsberget.

Off-piste skiing in Osthang

In Ramundberget you can find easily accessible off-piste skiing in the forested areas of Osthang. The area between Prima and Osthangsbranten is like a big playground when Jack frost has made his entrance. Also try the areas between the high lifts in the region. You won’t be disappointed. The forest area around Skarsliften and Skogsparken is another gem that takes you across cliffs and down through the forest.

Hike up to Storkläppen in Tänndalen and ski huge swings down the barren mountain or try out the forest at the Hamra traverse. In Tänndalen there are plenty of opportunities for freeriding and off-piste and they’re easy to find. Because the lifts reach so high above the treeline, there are always lots of new options and new lines to choose from – often completely untouched.

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