Paddla kanot
Photo: Anders Robertsson


Glide across lakes, streams and brooks in a canoe or kayak. With just a little effort you can take along plenty of kit, children and why not some really nice food for a week’s outing in the Rogen nature reserve?

Paddling in pristine wilderness

Paddling a canoe in the alpine foothills. The Rogen nature reserve is sure to leave memories that last a lifetime. Once in Rogen, with its distinct nature, infinite lake system, geographical location and barren environment, you are facing a true wilderness experience. In the ancient forests, fallen trees lie around like a Mikado game and you cannot expect there to be a path at every passage. You may very well be the first person in this spot!

With some luck you may see some of the area’s unique wildlife, such as bears, lynx, wolverine, elk, eagles, reindeer or muskoxen. It is possible to go on tough multi-week tours or easy day tours in canoe or sea kayak. You should have some experience, be fit and have suitable gear to do any of the longer tours which can, for example, finish in Norway. But first and foremost – keep in mind that Rogen is true wilderness. So no roads, kiosks and no doctors. Topsport arranges tours to Rogen and has very good descriptions of the tours on their website. There you can also get tips about which map, which angling licence to get and where to start/finish the tour. Topsport

Renting a canoe and guide

In Funäsfjällen you can rent both canoes and kayaks. Paddle yourself or with a guide. Ljusnan is suitable for day tours and in Rogen you can do both day tours and longer tours. The rental outlets will help you with transporting your rented canoe. More info

White-water paddling

In Funäsfjällen there’s plenty of whitewater paddling, in particular when the water levels are high after rains or snow melt. The characteristics are often steep and narrow, so this is paddling mainly for more experienced white-water paddlers. But there are also some good places for beginners and those who have taken an intermediate course or two. When white-water paddling you have to know what you are doing, not test your skills for the first time. Strapatser arrange taster courses and full courses in white-water paddling. More info