Photo: Johan Bjelke


In Funäsfjällen we’ve made it easy for you to go hiking. We have put together the best all-day and half-day hikes and compiled them into 30 Gemtours and 10 FunTours. You don’t need to carry along a tent and heavy packs, stay in a good hotel or self-catering style, eat well in restaurants and cook well with local produce and, above all, hike lightly.


30 Gemtours

In Funäsfjällen it is always close to mountain hikes with beautiful views. Our 30 Gemtours is a shortcut to the real mountain experience. Shorter trips with the kids or tougher hikes for the advanced. Magnificent experiences and views are always included. You can read more about our 30 Gemtours here.



10 Kulturer

10 instructive and playful hikes, some are village tours or cultural paths and others are adventure trails for children. Every Kultur is well signposted and described on a sheet that can be downloaded or purchased at the tourist office in Funäsdalen. You can read more about our Kulturer here.


60 toppar

60 Peaks

We have selected 60 peaks, all above 1000 meters altitude which you reach in a day from the road. At the tourist office there are a number of brands that you can qualify for by climbing a certain number of peaks. Click on the image below to get to the registration.




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