8 Össjöstugan

This trail has been updated and has been partially re-routed for the summer of 2019. We will  update this description shortly. Please refer to the map on the Swedish version of the site and follow the signage on trail (orange and black posts).
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Össjöstugan. Blue. 19 km. 310 meter difference in altitude. 7 hours.

Wide views, “Agaton källa” and mining history.

Walles Fjällhotell in Bruksvallarna
The tour starts at Walles Fjällhotell, follow the path towards Össjöstugan along Össjö Valley. The tour have some parts where you walk on footbridges but we recommend that you have rain boots or shoes made for walking in nature.
On the way you pass Hästkläppen, Skenören and Össjökläppen,and all these peaks are about 1000 meter over sea level. There are nice places to take a bath along the path. Just before you reach the beginning of the first lake called Östra Össjön, you should follow the summertrail, marked with orange poles and “Guldtur” signs (on the left side of the winter route). It goes a little higher up and is dry and fine to walk on. During the walk, you have the mighty Skars mountain in the background.

On this tour there are good chances to see both falcon and eagle. When you reach Össjöstugan there is a fireplace, and why not take a drink of cold spring water from the “Agatons källa” The spring is located along the trail down to Västra Össjön. It is nice to swim in the lake.
The tour continues to Ramundberget and in clear weather, you will see the mountain Sylarna and Helags. You have The characteristic Mittåkläppen in the background.
By the chairlift “Osthang lift” the tour continues back towards Bruksvallarna and Walles Fjällhotell. After about 2 km you have the option to make an interesting detour to Sörgruvorna. Signs with a moose on shows you the way to the mines where you can read about its history, admire the view and find nice places for coffee break.

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