7 Säterturen-Mittåkläppen


Säterturen. Green. 5 km. 80 meter difference in altitude. 2 hours. Easy cultural walk in a well-preserved moutain farm area among beatiful flowers and mountains.

Djupdalsvallens mountain farm. Take the road to Mittåkläppen, which is a private road, from Bruksvallarna (middle of the upper village). The road itself is a trip with beautiful views. Park your car at Djupdalsvallen.

A very beautiful walk through a well preserved mountain farm area in mountain terrain – unique in its size. The marking is a red moose supplemented with a gold tour sign. In several places, there are informative signs about culture. The trip is easy walked, and usually dry.

Lower Hågnvallen is a living mountain farm located along the trail. Please respect the privacy. About halfway, after upper and lower Torrbergsvallen, you reach a place called Vitäggen. It winds itself like a snake along Mittåns valley. The ridge was formed after a strong water current in a river when the inland ice melted. Along Vitäggen you have good chances to hear and see various birds.

Djupdalsvallens creek offers excellent cold water. The trek passes Kuppvallen and Storkläppsvallen. The area is botanical interesting so keep your eyes open for beautiful flowers.
End the tour with newly baked phrase waffles at Djupdalsvallen.


Mittåkläppen. Blue. 5 km. 340 meter difference in altitude. 3 hours. Wonderful views on a flower moutain. Perhaps our most popular tour.

An ascent of Mittåkläppen is almost a must! Top ascent of Mittåkläppen, 1212 meter above sea level is a nice hike and the view from the top is wonderful.

The walk is marked from Djupdalsvallen. Two roads to the top, an easier and a difficult one. Do not take the difficult one if you are afraid of heights.
The view from the top of Mittåkläppen is fantastic. When the weather is clear you can see peaks in Norway, which is almost 200 km away, Sylarna, Predikstolen, Helags, Hovärken down at Lofsdalen, Anåfjället, Vigelfjällen in Norway.

If you have a mountain map with you on this tour, you can try to identify the peaks you see. Mittåkläppen is also a flower mountain, famous for its wealth and abundant presence of orchids. Back down to Djupdalsvallen you should choose the easy way! Now it´s time for a good waffle.

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