5 Funäsdalsberget

Funäsdalsberget. Blue. 9 km. 350 meter difference in altitude. 4 hours.
So close, so short and with  a real high mountain feeling
With the help of a Gondolalift everyone reach this experience.

Funäsdalen village with 2alternative places to start from.

Starting point 1
The base station of Funäsgondolen. Travelling by gondola means a quick and easy ride to the top of Mt Funäsdalsberget.
Starting point 2
The base station of the lift Röstbergsliften. Start the hike at the foot of Funäsdalsberget and follow the gravel road up the ski slope.
Despite the short distance and central line of the hike the experience is that of high mountain terrain for the two km that the path follows the crest. There is a wonderful view over impressive mountains and the pretty tarns reflect their beautifl surroundings. There is a short trail on the mountain plateau of 3.5km. On the peaks of the panorama are dawn and named on the wodden railing. There is also an arranged Sami camp on the peak, to display the typical Sami tipis for interested hikers. There are several bike trails as well.

Once at the summit continue on the marked trail slowly descending towards the forest. Eventually the path becomes a tarmac road, walk on to Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell and soon thereafter you are back in the village. The hikes can be prolonged by following the KulTur in Funäsdalen Village, a scenic walk through the village and its sites.

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