3 Gruvturen

Gruvturen. Blue. 12 km. 230 meter difference in altitude. 5 hours.
History, floral splendor and wide horizons.

Ramundbergets Fjällgård/Ramundberget Camping. Direction: Gruvstugan – Gammelgruvan – Djupdalsvallen – Glimtjärn – Gruvstugan – Ramundberget.
A nice family trip with exciting things to see, but with sharp ascent in the beginning and end. All dogs must be put on lead, you are now in the middle of a area for reindeer pasture.

Follow the trails that go north from Ramundberget. When you passed the bridge over Ljusnan hold the path to the right towards the mines marked GULDTUR 3. Orange marking towards the mines, sharp ascent up to Gruvstugan, after one km the path splits up, take the right one towards Gruvstugan (gruvturen)

The old mine cottage is from the 1700’s and is a residue from the mining era. Mine Cottage is open but you can not light a fire indoors, there is a fireplace outside the cottage, observe precautions when lighting a fire. Here begins the mine tour that leads you past the interesting remains from the 200-year ore mining of both copper and iron ore. There are informative signs that tell how ore mining was and what happened around it.

There are a number of mine openings, but we don’t recommend you to go in, due to lanslide. The old mine shows traces of the various mining methods from different time periods, for example “tillmakning” and blasting powder.
At Djupdalsvallen you can eat and enjoy good coffee with newly baked phrase waffels, made on an old recipe.
The tour leads you up to “Glimtjärn” were you have a fireplace in near. Around the pond grows alpine catchfly and plenty of Stemless moss campion (Fjällglim) giving the ponds it name. Here you see Blixgruvan on the other side of Glimtjärn. There are fine views from many of the heights along the tour.

The tour leads you past the ancient tombs and catch pits and eventually return to the starting point by Gruvstugan. Now is it time to walk down to the bridge over Ljusnan after a hopefully instructive history hike.


OPTION START LOCATION: Djupdalsvallen. Drive payroad towards Mittåkläppen, starts out from center of Bruksvallarna by the Miner statue. Blue. 8 km. 80 meters difference in altitude. 3,5 h.
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Bruksvallarna & Ramundberget

Funäsdalen & Ljusnedal



Tänndalen & Fjällnäs