28 Malmagsvålen


Malmagsvålen. Green. 8 km. 180 meter height difference. 3 hours.
Easy tour with broad horizons. Gives the feeling of being on “the roof of the world”!

Fjällnäs. Nordic ski parking lot after Road 84 (opposite to Hotel Strandgården)

There are footbridges in wet places. The tour is marked with Golden tour markings and attraction signs, a red moose on gray background.

Begin the trek on the combined route/road about 1 km, then turn to the left and follow the moose signs through birch woods. In the sparse woods, you see a height in front of you, Malmagsvålen. There you find a resting place and topinformation. Enjoy the beautiful scenery. Although the top is not that high and the climb not that difficult the feeling of finding yourself on the roof of the world is wonderful,!

Continue the trek to west, after 300 meters take to the left.
On your way down you pass an open place with stone foundations. Röstvallen is an old abandoned mountain farm. Today it is the starting place for many of the winter ski tracks. The path continues down through the birch forests and then into the path you went up/down to the parking lot.

Gröndalen. Blue. 18 km. 150 meter difference in altitude. 7 hours.

If you want to extend the tour you have nice walk to Gröndalen, a marked path from the cross 300 meters after Malmagsvålen. Here you follow the summer route, along the phone line. After 3 km you will pass Tännån, which runs west. Go all the way up to the Gröndalen, it is about 9 km one way.
Turn and take the same trail back.

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