26 Blomsterstigen


Floral trail. Green. 2.5 kilometers. 60 meter difference in altitude. 1 hour.
A taste of Hamra mountain fantastic area.

Park at Tänndalens skirental. Follow the marked gravel road straight up (north) towards the mountain. After a few hundred meters the tour well signposted to the left. Walk the tour clockwise and you will return to the road on the way back.

An easy walked tour where you get the opportunity to learn more about Härjdalens unique fauna and flora.
Shorter walk, but with excellent information along the trail, good footbridges and a cozy atmosphere.
A well-marked floral trail with several rare flowers, including many orchids, and with many pictures and information signs over all the flowers you can see as well as birds and animals.

At the small creek, which lies halfway, you can rest. A very reposeful place where you can sit and listen to the water rippling and the singing from the Willow Warbler, Brambling and many other bird voices in the birch forest.


Green. 3 km. 150 meter height difference. 2 hours.
A well marked informative tour in an exciting area.

Hamrafjällets nature reserve parking. Continue the road 84 from Tänndalen west towards Tänndalen Ski area. Barely two kilometers from Tänndalen is the car park on right hand.

The trail is marked with red mooses, and have many informative signs. The tour begins with a climb of a few hundred meters up to Hamra mountains from the parking lot. A part of the tour is laid in a loop, and you follow the signs. After a completed round you take same way down to the car park again.

In the slopes of Hamra mountain have people lived as far back as at the time of the birth of Christ. Here is a story told about the people of Iron Age culture, and also about the mountain farmers who used Hamra mountain farms. At the top of the trail you see two catch pits as part of a catch pit systems that blocked entire Tännåns valley between Hamra mountains and Rutfjället.


Last part of the tour you will pass Iron Age graves and then get into a beautifully located meadow and area for old mountain farms, now used as holiday homes.

Hamra mountain is known for its rich floral splendor. Approximately 400 species are listed, including many rare orchids. Snowy Keys, Greater wintergreen, Coralroot orchid, Frog orchid, Gull scepter, Purple saxifrage, Daphne mezereum, Acaling viol and Alpine gentiana are examples of flowers to see. Nils G. Lundh has described the Alpine gentianan as: “The bluest Mountain flower”, it lights just as intensely blue as the chest of the Bluethroat. Exept the bluethroat, you may see birds like Meadow Pipit, Brambling, Redwing, Fieldfare, The Willow Warbler and Common Redpoll.

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