24 Röstberget

This trail has been updated and has been partially re-routed for the summer of 2019. We will  update this description shortly. Please refer to the map on the Swedish version of the site and follow the signage on trail (orange and black posts). 

24: Röstberget

Green. 4 km. 50 m height difference. 1.5 hours.
Easy nature walk with culture and views.

Röstbergets holliday village in Funäsdalen. From Funäsdalen you turn up the way towards Bruksvallarna. At the top of the hill turn right into the Åsargatan, continue straight on until the road forks and then continue to the left up through the cabin area and up to the car park.
Alternatively, from Ljusnedal, Sörmons Stugby.

The tour begins at the end of the way in to Röstbergets Holiday village at the car park. It´s clearly signposted and runs along the broad path towards Ljusnedal. Röstberget is criss-crossed by several paths, routes and ski tracks so there are a lot of signs some places.

After 1 km fold to the right along the powerline, after a further 400 meters, turn right towards Funäsdalen on the path coming from Sörmons stugby. Along the trail there´s great variety of tree and forest biotopes.

After about 100 meters there is a detour up to the right up towards two viewpoints. The first is to the right of the trail and have a great view over Ljusnedal with Anåfjällen in the background while the other one to the left has a view of Funäsdalssjön and Tännäs. In both there are tables and benches. Return to the path and continue right.

Soon, you will reach the area with steep potato fields, which are so typical for this area. The potato fields is located in terraces to both the left and right of the trail. It may be as much as 10 meters height difference of 20-25 meters of farmings and 10 m long and 2 m high stonecairns and walls all around. These were made in the 1780s after the initiative of the cartridge Nils Södergren at Ljusdals industrial and is still partly in use.

The path continues on a terrace constructed road with powerful forest around it. Here you can meet cyclists and horse riders on a shorter distance. After half km, turn up to the right and now you do not need to share the trail with bikes and horses anymore. The path meets a broader point where you take left and come to the starting spot. Have you started from Ljusnedal, take the right and go back to Sörmoslingan.

Starting from the Fjällmuseet, the tour is about 8 km (via Berggatan, Åsargatan).

Starting from Sörmoslingan in Ljusnedal the tour is about 5     km and with a height difference on 90 meters. Take the car to Ljusnedal and turn in by the sign Sörmovägen. Follow Sörmovägen 700 meters and then take the left at the sign Sörmoslingan. Park your car at Sörmons Stugby where you see the sign for Guldtursparkering.

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