21 Käringsjön


Käringsjön. Blue. 10 km. 30 m height difference. 4 hours.
Easy walked in a varying landscape up to the lake Rogen.

Parking at the Käringsjön, toll road last 7 km. Take the road south towards Särna in Tännäs. Turn right when you have passed Tännäs Fiskecentrum and the river Mysklan. Run towards Käringsjön, 18 km. After approximately two kilometers, at the roadblock, starts the small road leading to the Käringsjön 7 km.

An easy hike in a varying landscape of lakes and forests. The tour is dry, footbridges over the wet parts, but the terrain a little rocky. We recommend good hiking shoes.
Follow the path to the summer cottage Rogen, 5 km one way. It is marked with orange color and clear summer trail.
The trail goes into barren and rocky land that exist around Rogen, with many small lakes. The land is called dödismorän (moraine from dead ice), created when the inland ice let go off the great amounts of dirt and rocks that was storage inside the ice. Be careful where you step. The sparse forest contains 100-year-old rough pines that you hardly see anywhere else. The forest with its barren beauty and with many old trees with “varglav” (wolf moss), gives the area character. Wolf moss requires special conditions to survive and is very toxic. It´s said that it has been used for poison wolves in ancient times, and there of comes the name
The harsh environment means that it is not a rich flora, but at some strings you may see the flower Marie Key Florists.
Siberian Tit is a bird that stays over the winters and can be seen all over the area. It is a bird that is seldom seen outside the Rogen area. Siberian Tit is a bird that can be mixed with the bird Willow Tit, which are also found here. Brown crown and rust brown pages tells you that it is a Siberian Tit. Common Redstart is also a common bird in these areas.

Possibility of overnight stay in Rogen-stugan, run in STFs registrants. There you can also buy some food. Continue towards the cape and Rogsbodarna, where it is very nice. Then follow the summer route back to the Käringsjön. The tour is suitable for families.


This trail has been updated and has been partially re-routed for the summer of 2019. We will  update this description shortly. Please refer to the map on the Swedish version of the site and follow the signage on trail (orange and black posts). 

Rödviken. Blue. 15 km. 30 m height difference. 6 hours.
An easy walk through the labyrinth lake towards Rogen.

The first km is rocky, then relatively easy approval. We recommend good hiking shoes.
Take summer trail towards Rogen/Rödviken marked with orange paint.
The first km is rocky and then there is the long parts that´s easily walked, and very beautiful.

After five kilometers hike you reach the summer trail between Rogen cottage and Skedbrofjället. Take left towards Rogsbodarna. You have the lake Rogen on the right hand.
After a further 5 kilometers you will reach the summertrail between Rogen Cottage and Käringsjön. Turn right out to the cottage Rogen and Rogsbodarna. Then follow the summer route back to the Käringsjön. The tour is suitable for families.
Rogens water temperature is rarely high, but not far away there is a perfect lagoon with white sandy beaches.
The walk goes through the barren landscape Rogen with a special nature and stones and the many lakes. It also means that it can periodically be some mosquitoes, so we recommend you mosquito oil and comprehensive clothes on tour, if you walk during the high season of summer.

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