20 Handskinnvålen

This trail has been updated and has been partially re-routed for the summer of 2019. We will  update this description shortly. Please refer to the map on the Swedish version of the site and follow the signage on trail (orange and black posts). 


Käringsjön – Handskinnvålen. Blue. 8 km. 200 meter height difference. 3.5 hours. High alpine walk in a fascinating area with remnants from the inland ice.

Parking at Käringsjön, toll road last 7 km. Take the road south towards Särna in Tännäs. Turn right when you pass Tännäs Fiskecentrum and the river Mysklan. Drive towards Käringsjön, 24 km.

The tour is dry but rocky terrain. We recommend good hiking shoes.
Take the summertrail which passes from the Käringsjön towards Skedbrostugan. It is marked with orange painted poles. The trail goes into the special barren area that surrounds Rogen. The land is called “Moraine from dead ice”, which occurred when the inland ice released its grip on the large quantities of rock and soil that was storaged in the mass of ice. Be careful where you step.

The sparsely forest contains 100-year-old rough pines that you hardly see anywhere else. The forest with its barren beauty and with many old trees with “varglav” (wolf moss), gives the area character. Wolf moss requires special conditions to survive and is very toxic. It´s said that it has been used for poison wolves in ancient times, and there of comes the name.

From the beginning, the tour moves slightly upwards, and after two kilometers you take off to the right. There is a pathfinder to the viewpoint. Follow the path up to more than 900 meters above sea level, where it is a fantastic view over Rogen and over the mountains of Dalarna and Härjedalen. Continue on to the top of Handskinnvålen, located at 999 meter above sea level. Now you see clearly how everything is formed by the inland ice to Rogen Moraine. Take the same road back.


Trail Closed:
Over the course of three years, Funäsfjällen will be updating their trail system for improved quality and sustainability. The high mountain region is a delicate ecosystem that has trails used by multiple users and activities such as hiking, MTB (Mountain Biking), kayaking and canoeing, horse back riding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. The balance between environmentally friendly use and economic sustainability in the region is currently being carefully managed by the grant funded Affärsdrivande Multiarena. This responsibility has resulted in closures of certain Guldturer. This trail is one of them. 

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