19 Tväråfallet


Tvärån. Red. 16 km. 130 meter height difference. 6 hours.
A walk along Ljusnan floral splendor to Tväråns waterfall with the mountains own jacuzzi in a high alpine environment.

Parking before Slättansvallen, 3 km west of Ramundberget
(toll road) on the right side.

From the car park at Slättansvallen, follow the path along Ljusnan south side.
The first 2.5 kilometers are very easy, and goes after a clear path. During the florescence, July and first half of August you may see several rare orchids. When you have passed over the hanging bridge and reached Klinken on the north side of Ljusnan, you are in the beginning of the well-known Kungsleden.

Here you can choose to go north to Fältjägarstugan and Helags or south towards Fjällnäs and Rogen area. But we continue to walk further along Ljusnan valley. This part of the trip is not signposted depending on political decisions.

Take the small path that continues along Ljusnan northern side, and where it makes a sharp left turn. On the other side is a beautiful old mountain farm that gives you a sense of past times. It not take long before you´re out on the old hayfields along Ljusnan, and here you can see, during the month of July, the rare black vanilla orchid, a small red-black and vanilla scented beauty. After about 2 km walk you will see Tvärån running down the Ljusnan from the right. Continue up along the right side, and you will now be able to experience all these wonderful rushing waterfalls that make Tvärån so special.

After about 1 km up, where the river turns sharply left, continue along the right side and pass over the little creek running down from the right. After a few hundred meters the river turns back up again and you are almost by the waterfall that we call “Tväråpoolen”,. This is a fantastic waterfall and with the mountains own jacuzzi. Here you can on a hot day enjoy a bath you´ll never forget. Be careful and watch out for strong underwater currents.

Walk a few hundred meters further up, and you will find a perfect resting place, a beautiful waterfall, fireplace, and fine natural seating on rocks. Take a break and enjoy the surroundings, perhaps a little coffe from a boiler or why not a little yellow fried chanterelles.

Time to turn back down Tväråns winding valley down to Ljusnan and turn left to Klinken and the bridge.

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Bruksvallarna & Ramundberget

Funäsdalen & Ljusnedal



Tänndalen & Fjällnäs