17 Svansjön/Bolagen

17: Svansjön to Bolagen / Vigeln

Red, 15 km. An exciting tour of the high alpine setting with dramatic views around Bolagen. Requires rain boots or boots.

Starting point:
Drive mainroad 84 west between Hamra and Fjällnäs. Aim at the sign “Naturrastplats 500 m” and turn right after 400 meters into a house. Pay for private road in the “cabinet” in a red shed. Turn back and turn right on gravel road. Open the road barrier and drive up to “Fjällparkeringen ‘at Svansjökläppen. After rain, the road could be in bad condition, but is fine to drive if you take it easy.

From the parking lot, go along the trodden path west of the steep Svansjökläppen on the right side. After about 15 minutes and when you passed Svansjökläppen, the red-painted path turns left towards Vättafjället, but you take the path that goes right. After a while the path splits again and here you take to the right.

Soon you will reach a sami cottage and then continue further to the northwest NW. You walk along a ridge with small water pools on both side. The trail here is marked with small stone cairns. Short parts can unclear, but you will easy find the trail again on the other side the marshes.

Here the view is quite magnificent, highly dramatic and high alpine. The feeling is that you could be in Canada, but what you see is the border between Sweden and Norway, Bolagen with Vigel mountains in the background. After about 1.5 hours you cross a red marked path leading down to the lake but you continue on the ridge. After another 15 minutes you will reach another crossing path and you follow this to the left down towards the end of lake.

Continue on the path down to the bridge at the northwest corner of Bolagen. It’s downhill all the way down to the bridge, and continue the summer trail on the other side to the Vigel cottage. Now you cross the border to Norway. Take the same way back, or do a top ascent of Storvigen .

Ascent of Storvigeln 1561 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Black, 8 km return from Vigel cottage, 570 meters difference in altitude.
Continue summer trail (can be unclear marked) into the valley between Tvärvigeln and Storvigeln.
When you reach the valley’s highest point turn left towards the top. Here it is rocky and a bit tricky with large stones.
Once up the view is stunning over the barren area south and lake system Rogen and Femunden, and the high alpine scenery west of Norway. Take the same way back, but take it gently down.

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