16 Tevsjön


Tevsjön. Blue. 6 km. 130 meter difference in altitude. 2 ½ hours.
A historic walk in enchanting environment, waterfalls and views. Nice tour even in bad weather with fog or wind.

Parking place at Tevsjön. Head north on the road from Gyllene Bocken in Ljusnedal, towards Anåfjället. After 700 meters there is a small gravel road signposted Tevsjön. Take this road and park your car 200 meters in the parking lot to the left.


The tour is marked with red marks on trees and stones. It is also marked with “Guldtur” and poles painted with orange color.
Follow the path to Tevsjön. There you find a small cottage and a fireplace by the lake, on the left hand. Take the bridge over Tevån, maybe you see trout swimming under the bridge.If are you quiet, perhaps you can see beaver in Tevån. Follow the footbridge along the waterside. After 200 meters you come to a pathcross. Choose the left path, marked towards the limeowen (“Kalkugnen”). On the left is an enclosed pasture, where the farmer keeps some of his black angus cattle to graze here every summer. In just a few years, the previously overgrown fields now are re-opened. If you are observant you will find ant-hills and stumps that are excavated by bears!

Towards Tevån you pass some marked “kolbottnar” (Residue after charcoal stack). After 300 meters you will come to Tevån again. Go over the bridge that crosses Tevån. Under the bridge nests the Dipper in a birdhouse early in the season. Follow the path upstream to the right, nearest the water, on the other side for 300 meters. In the end there is a small ladder to use as help in a small climb up to a beautiful resting place situated at the largest waterfall. Take the same road back over the bridge and follow the path upstream with, Tevån on your left. Now you have just over 1 km climb in front of you, where Tevån offers you wonderful waterfalls, stream swirls and mysterious rock formations the whole way.

Opposite the resting place you will find a small pool formed below the falls. If weather permits, why not take a swim. The stone wall in the rest place are mystical and create questions about how and why. Along the edge there are several picnic areas with nice environments. When the trail leaves the river and you come up to the next path cross with an info plate about the legend Sömolavadet. Do not choose the path over the ford, instead continue up to “kalkugnen” which is 100 meters by the side of the trail.

Go back down to the path and continue to Dôlôs. Follow the path and when you after 600 meters come out of the woods you see a magnificent view: Ljusnedal Sea, Ljusnedal, Funäsdalssjön, Bratteriet and Rödvålen. You will get an even more beautiful view you if you take the small path up to the viewpoint at a very steep “potato field” on the right hand. Return down the path to Dôlôs and after 200 meters you will get to a crossroad.

The right path goes down towards Tevsjön. When you arrive to the lake, you take to right. Along the northern shore is the path, and just before you come to the pathcross at the enclosed pasture, you find a good shelter with a fireplace. Then take the same trail along Tevsjön as you walked from the parking place.

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