15 Anåfjället


Anåfjället. Red. 10 km. 500 meter difference in altitude. 4 hours.
A top tour in a barren and exciting landscape with magnificent views.

Take the road from Funäsdalen towards Mittådalen. 5 km after you have turned off the road to Bruksvallarna, follow a turning up towards upper Lillåsvallen. Park your car at the signposted parking on the right side next to Mittådalsvägen. Signposted: Guldtursparkering and Anåfjället.

Follow the road up to Lillåsvallen. Here starts the summer trail, which is marked with orange painted poles. Climb is steep for 2 km, and has several large boulders that looks unstable – but they are very safe! Remains from the Ice Age like the large boulders are characteristic of Anåfjället.

If you need to catch your breath, it is enough to turn around and look at the beautiful view. Sometimes the eagles observe you, borne by the wind. If you are lucky you might see birds like Snow Buntings and Ring Ouzels among the clip blocks.

Here you find Sweden’s highest treeline, 960 meters above sea level. Just above the tree line you reach Ånnfjällstjärnen (pond) located at 1100 meters height and is very beautiful. A barren landscape as in Iceland and with wonderful views. A very special place to rest on.

The climb continues up towards the top, and the best way is to follow the marked trail. The top of Ånnfjället is 1301 meters above sea level and is a part of the mighty Anåfjällsmassivet. From the top the view is magnificent.

Closest to the west is Ormruet. Further along you have Skarvarna, a little more northerly Haftorsstöten (where the border to Norway goes), Skars mountains where Ljusnan starts and closer but a little more northerly Mittåkläppens familiar silhouette.

Further north you can see Helags and Predikstolen and also the moutains of Jämtland. To the south you see several lakes and mountains in Rogens Nature reserve. It is fascinating to see the beautiful mountain peaks from different angles, a beauty you never stop startling over. When you are ready to turn home again you just follow the same way back as you came.

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