11 Livsäterån


Livsäterån. Green. 5 km. 80 meter difference in altitude. 2 hours.
An easy tour with wide views and waterfalls.

Highest point on the main road 84 between Funäsdalen and Tänndalen. The entire area is called Hållan and you park your car at “Högsta Hållan. There is parking on both sides of the road. Signed GULDTURSPARKERING

Follow the marked road which starts at the big map on the north side of the road towards Malmbäckstugan and Lill-Skarven. Pass Nordic Ski tracks (Funäsdalen cross country ski system during the winter) and continue the path a few hundred meters. When the path turns left, follow it straight ahead, pass a big stone. The path follows some other trails but it is marked. The trail goes thruogh birchwood and up on bare mountain. Follow it until Livsäterån and here you can walk over to the other side and follow the river way down in the ravine.

The river is reduced in the mountains and has many flat rocks to break at. Excellent for swimming in the small waterfall or just enjoy the mountains and hear the water rippling. Walk a bit along the enchanting water falls. Beautiful view down over Funäsdalen village and Funäsdalsberget. The cottages here are private and should be respected, do not go too close.
Home journey – take the same way as you walked out.


Lill-Skarven. Blue. 13 km. 440 meter height difference. 5 hours.
A top tour with a beautiful view.

If you want to extend the tour you can follow Livsäterån upstream (untrodden), or go back and take the summer trail to Flåten up towards Malmbäckstugan (which is normally closed in summer). Choose between an ascent of Lill – Skarven or take the trail down to Högsta Hållan again. From the restingplace Livsäterån is it about 3 km to Malmbäckstugan. From Malmbäckstugan – to the highest Hållan is it 4 km if you take the marked trail and 4.5 km if you take the summertrail a little more north.
Top ascent from Malmbäckstugan – Lill- skarven is about 2 km with 300 meters height difference. Choose the crossmarked trail up towards Andersborg. After 500 meters climb you reach the edge where a path goes on the ridge up towards the top. If you don’t want to go all the way, it is a very nice view from the

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