1 Pilgrimsturen Klinken

Pilgrim Route Klinken. Blue. 14 km. 30 m difference in altitude. 6 hours.
Flowers and culture in an easy walk along Ljusnan.

Ramundberget Fjällgård / Ramundberget Camping. Several Golden tours start out from here so make sure you follow the signs “GULDTUR 1” until they separate.

Use stout shoes since there are some areas that could be wet. There are several of beautiful picnic areas along the trail, such as on Sveån which you cross on the north side of Ljusnan.
If you are looking for a shelter there is a windshield on the north side of Ljusnan, after 4.5 kilometers.

Follow the trails that go north from Ramundberget Fjällgård. When you have passed the bridge over Ljusnan hold the path to the left towards “Klinken”, marked with “Guldtur” and “Pilgrimstur”. The path winds in the valley west to the Norwegian border, partly along Ljusnan’s northern shore. After approximately 2 km “Pilgrimsleden” turns to the right and goes north over the heights. You will countinue on Guldtur 1 straight on, along Ljusnan.

During the florescence, July and first half of August, you will see an enchanting floral splendor. Brown Litters (one of the rarest orchids in Sweden) and other orchids are not uncommon. Other flowers you can see, for example: Two flowered pansy, Spider flower, Frog Orchid, Corairoot orchid, Louseworth and the Heath spotted orchid. Biodiversity is due to the abundant presence of lime stone and minerals in the soil, which also makes this mountain area so green and easily walked.

In clear weather you have a splendid view towards Skars mountain in the west, 1594 meters above sea level. When you arrive to Klinken, you go over the suspension bridge. Sometimes the dipper is guarding the bridge. Klinken is an old mountain farm belonging to a family from Bruksvallarna. If you are lucky you may see some smoke from the chimney.

On your way back home on the south side of Ljusnan you can enjoy Mittåkläppen, who stands out towards the horizon in the east. At Jo-Ersbygget, which has an interesting and dramatic history as told on the information plate, the path is passing on the left side of a barn. Take a look at the south side of the barn, it has during years become beautiful sunburned.

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